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Crazy Sumit: This time, apology won’t come easy for you.

As what can be seen as obnoxious and demeaning to any logical and sane person, might be a way of entertainment for others. When India was recovering from the wounds of the mass molestation case of Bangalore, a YouTuber decided to take the same thing to a new level.

To quench his thirst for few likes and shares, YouTuber, which goes by the name “Crazy Sumit”, in his latest video of kissing unsuspecting girls in public, couldn’t have come at a worse time when India was outraged of what happened in Bangalore new year night.

“The Crazy Sumit” has a team of his own, useless like him. Roams around in public places and plays their cheap, dirty tricks on public and record their reaction. Sick, what describes it the best.

What is more shocking and discouraging is the fact he has close to 1.55 lacs of followers on his channel. People who are following him and sharing his videos and laughing on the sickest of his pranks are the same people who question the modesty of the woman on every walk of their life.

Reality check Sumit, you are a Pervert, not a Prankster. Forcing yourself on anyone is a crime that you need to be sent to jail for.

Seeing the outrage from the people, and the filth that he had spread in the society, Mr Sumit chose to apologize. In his whole video he is saying only one word “Sorry”. What is worst in this video is that he goes on to justify the act he had done by saying “I have been entertaining you for so long. Such a thing will never happen again. I am sorry guys. Please keep supporting me.”

Entertainment? Sorry? Support you? Firstly, if you think your cheap, filthy videos are entertaining, boy you are living in an imaginary world. Entertainment is something which amuses people, to lighten their heart. Not to make them uncomfortable.

Sorry? Well, these days the cheapest thing in the world is “sorry”. Only if you would know, sometimes cheapest things also comes with a price that you haven’t expected.

And lastly, to support you? No educated person will support you on the filth that you had spread by your video. People are enraged, police will be at your doorstep any time soon, no followers from 1.55 lacs of yours will come to your rescue when you are being sent to jail. And I pray all the girls who havn’t filed complaints against you should come forward and file one.

He possibly might have taken inspiration from Prank Invasion, an American youtube channel, where a guy approaches a girl and asks her a few questions. As per earlier stated rules of the game, they kiss her if he is able to give the correct answer. It could well be staged. But what is a fact is that it has the consent of the girl and is portrayed as a game, not in a manner of demeaning the girl.

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