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Commendable stuff! MP Government appoints a ten-year-old as the Chief of Bal ayog.

Shreyas Barmate, a ten-year-old Progeria patient has been appointed as the chief of Madhya Pradesh Bal ayog for a day. This step is taken by Shivraj Singh Govt. in good spirit.

The term progeria applies strictly speaking to all diseases characterised by premature ageing symptoms. Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disorder in which symptoms resembling aspects of ageing are manifested at a very early age.

This step taken by the Madhya Pradesh Govt. will work as a morale booster for all those kids who are suffering from these kinds of diseases.

Since 2013, 123 children with Progeria across the globe have been identified by PRF, which maintains a global prevalence database. In India the count goes beyond Fifty, 66 to be exact.

The problem is no treatment has yet proven effective. Most treatment options have focused on reducing complications (such as cardiovascular disease) with coronary artery bypass surgery and low-dose aspirin but nothing has yet proven effective.

We hope the Union Govt. and the state Governments. in India take up such exemplary steps more often to show support to all of them who are fighting life-threatening diseases.





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