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CM Yogi Decides To Renovate Banke Bihari Temple In Mathura; To Spend Rs 100

In a step for a huge makeover, the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh will be loosening its wallet to spend nearly Rs 100 crore in a move to renovate the Banke Bihari temple and nine historic ponds related to Lord Krishna in Vrindavan town.

Officials related to the plan said that the plan is to cleanse and beautify the ponds, which witness the devotees as part of the 84-km parikrama of Vrindavan. The action plan also includes the improved access and pedestrian to Banke Bihari Temple in the town.

As per the government, the ponds in the city have a great mythological significance. The Vihwal pond, for instance, is said to be the one where Lord Krishna and Radha met for the first time.

The pond is believed to have been formed from the tears that rolled down the eyes of both as they were overwhelmed by each other’s beauty.

The Potra pond in Mathura near the Krishna Janambhoomi temple is said to be the one near which Lord Krishna first appeared while the Govind Pond in Govardhan is said to be the one where the deity took a bathe after lifting the Govardhan mountain.

“These ponds are bound by cultural values limited within the parikrama path and hence have immense religious and tourist significance. It is customary for pilgrims who visit the ponds as part of the parikrama to take a sacred dip and move ahead to the next destination,” the state government has said in a proposal for renovation.

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