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China introduces lane-changing robot to ease the traffic

China is country which is good in adapting in new technologies.

And no one can deny this fact that factories in China are replacing humans with robots in a new automation-driven industrial revolution.

Here is a new example which shows China is investing in robots as Shenzhen traffic police have introduced a new army of ‘lane robots’ along Shennan Road, to ease rush-hour traffic by controlling a section of reversible lanes.

The system removes the need to have human police officers present for long periods during the morning and evening rushes.

The technology has already had a dramatic impact, reportedly ending the morning rush hour a full hour earlier than usual.

The mechanization of traffic control in China hasn’t been exclusively applied to cars, however. In Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province, authorities have installed automatic gates, similar to turnstiles at a metro station, at major pedestrian crossings to prevent jaywalking.

The gates are linked directly to the vehicle traffic light system and open and close depending on the color displayed, reports the China News service as cited by The Morning Post.

After implementing this mechanization, the workload of the police officers is definitely going to come down with that China has become first country to initiate such smart robots to control traffic


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