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CBSE allows students suffering from type-1 diabetes to have snacks during Class X and Class XII board exams.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the latest curricular, decided to allow eatables during exams if the student is suffering from Type-1 Diabetes.

The notice is posted on the board official website, namely, “Carrying of eatables to the examination centre by type diabetic candidates”, CBSE has listed 5 types of food items which are permitted to students to carry while coming to the examination centre.

Food items are:
Sugar tablets/Chocolate/Candy
Fruits like Banana/Apple/Orange
Snack items like Sandwich
Small bottle of water (500 ml.)”

International Diabetes Federation (IDF) statistics says that India had around 65.1 million people affected by diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is very common among the younger generation, especially those are in their early teen years and it described as a complete absence of insulin production.

“Among all the diabetic population of our country, there are sizeable number of children who are suffering from Type 1 Diabetes who need insulin injections at regular intervals to manage their blood glucose level, these children need frequent meals to avoid hypoglycemia which may otherwise affect their health/performance”, said the notice from CBSE.

Considering above in view, the notice added that, “the Board has decided that the students suffering from Type 1 Diabetes and are appearing for the Board’s Class X and XII examinations are permitted to carry any of the following eatables with them while coming to the examination centre:

However, the board also asked the students to follow these modalities as well:

a) These children shall have to submit a certificate from diabetic Specialist along with full diabetic history, nature of their diabetes and the need for snacks during the examination which shall be forwarded by the Principal of the school where the student is studying.

b) The food items shall be kept with the Invigilators at the examination centre concerned, who, on their need, shall hand over the eatables to these candidates.

CBSE Class 10 board exams will be held from March 9 to April 10. The Class 12 exam will start on March 9 and end on April 29.

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