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Can Omicron have an adverse effect on kids below 5 years of age? Read to know what experts have to say on this.

Omicron is a new variant that is constantly scaring people but the question arises that will it be harmful to kids below 5 years of age? Let’s know about the answer to this question from experts :

According to Dr.Saumitra Das, the microbiologist omicron variant may not affect the children of other countries, the way it is affecting the kids of South Africa.

The previous waves of coronavirus have majorly hit the adults, the South African officials had raised concern asserting the new strain of Covid-19 increasing hospitalizations  children among five years of age

However, Das said that Indian exposure to infectious diseases is quite different from children of foreign countries. In an interview, a microbiologist said “ It would be speculative to predict if Omicron would have an impact on Indians the way it’s affecting South Africa and other countries. We need to understand the immune system of individuals, their eating habits, the strength of the body in terms of previous exposure to infectious apart from genomics, plays important role in working of any virus.”

He asked people not to panic too much about this new variant if they are following covid guidelines and had taken two doses of vaccines then there is no issue of worry for them but they must stay alert.

Meanwhile, with 17 fresh cases, India’s tally of Omicron rose up to 21 as 9 cases were detected in Rajasthan,8 in Maharashtra, 1 each in Gujrat and Delhi, and 2 in Karnataka. Most of those who are tested positive either came from African countries or came in contact with such people. With this, four states and national capital has reported potentially more contagious which has sparked a fresh alert across the world.

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