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No Fear No Favour

Calm down folks! Not everything you see on the Internet is true.

What a wonderful place an Internet for us. It provides us information that was not at all possible earlier and then the time came when it becomes easier for media websites to upload fake news in it. And when the era is click baiting then who cares about the authenticity of the sources, right? Because click-baiting is more important now than the actual news itself, generating clicks matters not news.

Recently post an article on Manipal University and how they released a letter to urging the student to not ‘Masturbate’ in the bathroom of the campus as it ‘clogs the shower drains’. Though the image looks fake and there are dozens of ‘Masturbatory Letters by College Administration Urging Students to Masturbate on Dorm Room’ you can found on the Internet. The website still published an article on it.

Take a look:


Not long ago, fake pictures of Saif Ali Khan And Kareena Kapoor baby Taimur Ali Khan fake pictures went viral on the Internet. The most trusted Bollywood website and news channel Zoom made a big blunder about it. They were the first one who tweeted the fake picture on twitter. Being a website solely dedicated to Bollywood, they would have looked the images twice and should have confirmed its authenticity.

Also, the case which comes in mind is Sudhir Chaudhary infamous ‘Nano Chips’ news, from his show ‘DNA’. The editor went on talking about How new 500 and 2000 rupees will have ‘Nano Chips’ installed with them. Though, we all know by now the new notes didn’t have any of those new features in it.

And who can forget how much Times now supported Jasleen Kaur in Jasleen Kaur Vs Sarvjeet Singh case? Without knowing the actual story then Times Now Editor In Chief Arnab Goswami used words like Pervert and Filthy for Sarvjeet and refused to apologise later for his remarks too. And, also take a look at this video.

This all incidents taught us one thing that in this era it’s much more important to win the race rather than making some efforts about the news.

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