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#BoardExams: How to deal with Board Exam Stress, Read Here!

The Exams are going on and based on my past experience I know how tough it is for students to deal with all the exam pressures, but please don’t let the stress to control your mind and body. With proper technique and few hacks, you can easily defeat the exams stress and it will greatly help your exams scores as well.
5 ways to deal with Exam stress:

1. Put It in Perspective:

You don’t need to worry too much about the exams, remember you’ve already given pre-board exams and you have a good idea about what’s working in your favor and what work needs to be done based on your marks.
So, check your pre-boards question papers and go through all the questions a day before the actual exams, it’s a really good practice and you will probably score good marks as well.

2. Eliminate Stress:

The best way to eliminate stress is to say ‘Fu*k You’ to it. Think about why stress is affecting you. Try to remain calm. Do you have a favorite place to study? Go there. Reward yourself when you finished difficult chapters.

3. Revise:

The important thing is Revision, you don’t have time to start a new chapter now, don’t go through chapters just for the sake of completing everything, the best thing to do is focus on those which are important. Most of the times we end up demotivating ourselves, because of not completing the entire syllabus.

4. Time Management:

Do not spend the entire day reading the thing again and again. Focus on many areas and give equal importance and a good amount of time to MIQ’s.

5. Give 1 hour to Yoga and Meditation:

We know it’s difficult to do anything else when your mind is filled with exam related thoughts all the time, but make an effort and take a break. Exercise and Meditation refresh your brain and also fills your body with positive energy, which we know you need a lot at this moment. It increases your endorphins and minimizes anxiety and depression issues.

Best Of Luck For Your Exams!

BY: Saket Sharma

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