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BJP sweeps Delhi MCD elections by winning 180 seats

BJP who is continuously winning elections after elections has also added feather on it’s cap by winning MCD elections in Delhi.

For AAP it’s a loss which will mean a political wipe-out Chief Minister Kejriwal’s party, which had swept assembly elections in Delhi two years ago, is already reeling from humiliating losses in the Punjab and Goa assembly elections last month.

Amit Shah has again got a reason to celebrate as BJP won 180 MCD seats out 270.And AAP came to second position by winning just 45 seats  and as expected Congress came last.

After the resounding victory of BJP in the recent Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, BJP’s win in MCD signals the dominance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political clout in terms of public perception.

In South Delhi, where the BJP had fallen short of a majority last time, the party has won 72 seats  of 102 wards. The MCD South too has 104 wards and a BJP party won 70 seats.

And in East Delhi BJP garnered 39 seats out of 63, where AAP got 10 seats and Congress only managed to get 11 seats.

Though, Arvind Kejriwal has said he will launch a “movement” if the BJP wins Delhi today. An hour into counting there was no word from Mr Kejriwal, usually quick to tweet or comment.

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