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Bizarre!! BPL Families Were Publicly Shamed For Being Poor

Rajasthan Government’s insensitivity came to light when it branded numerous families as “poor” by writing on the wall outside their homes. The officials also wrote that they take ration under National Food Security Act (NFSA).

The exact words painted on the walls were, “Mai gareeb pariwar se hoon tatha NFSA se rashan leta hoon (I belong to a poor family and I take ration from NFSA).

In Dausa district of Rajasthan, many families are well below poverty line (BPL) and take wheat under NFSA.

While many people would term this as an “uncompassionate” act by the Government, the officials state otherwise. According to them, what they did was “right” and there was no damage done! It was merely a move to segregate unentitled people from the scheme.

But is this a correct way to do so? The state government needs to learn about the term “Paperwork” for an efficient management of their system.

Now, the state government is in the middle of an uproar and the main opposition party Congress lashed out at the government, saying that it is mocking the poor in the state.

Twitter also kicked up a storm as people were agitated by this move. People are outraged by this and are going on saying that “When will ministers write on their hands that they are thieves?” One even went on to say that “A minister should write outside his house that I have become a minister by inciting riots and I have done this much corruption!”

Here are some Twitter reactions:

We, we only have one thing to say. This kind of intolerance and insensitivity should not be tolerated and the higher authorities should take appropriate measures to ensure this does not happen again.

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