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Biswa Kalyan Rath Explaining ‘House Of Cards’ To Alok Nath Is The Most Funny Thing You Will Watch Today.

Since the time Netflix had dropped the trailer of their most anticipated show, House of Cards, it had left the fans into a frenzy. The company is taking all the possible routes to nudge the people and to create all the air for the show. And the country like India, which is leading the world in data consumption, and people coming online for feeding themselves for some sensible content, Netflix is grabbing the same opportunity to promote its new season of the show.

It’s not usual in India for a company to promote its show, but Netflix is breaking the same. For its promotion strategy, the Netflix shake their its hand with the Babuji of the Bollywood, Alok Nath, and the stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath.

The comedian explains how Frank Underwood (the main character) climbed up to the ladder to become the USA’s most powerful man, The President. For all, who haven’t watched the episodes, BEWARE. The video is a recap of all the 4 seasons. So, we advise to those who haven’t watched all the seasons, STOP HERE, and close the window. For the rest, enjoy the video.


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