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Bigg Boss 12 Day 30: Sreesanth & Dipika Ends Up With Emotional Reunion

Sreesanth and Dipika have patched up. But it’s not the complete truth.

Anup Jalota has made a big issue out of Jasleen’s closeness with Sourabh and Shivashish. He tells Sourabh that his bonding with Jasleen will create trouble for both of them. He told the two how Sourabh massaging Jasleen’s neck can be perceived wrongly by Jasleen’s parents and his village folks.

The bhajan samrat goes on to add that even he never massaged Jasleen or even hugged her as they are on national television and they went on date that too was very graceful.

Sourabh is upset about this episode and breaks down in front of Shivashish worrying about his image that’s being portrayed outside. Sree consoles Sourabh that his relationship with Jasleen is not being portrayed wrongly.

Anup wants to clarify more things with Jasleen and questions her about her midnight conversations with Shivashish and also her telling him that she had a lot to share about her and Anup. Jasleen says that she did not say it in that sense. But Anup is concerned about her image and what her family would say.

Khan sisters and others discuss why it is not right for Anup ji to say all these things to Jasleen.

Sree intends to play a double game. He tells Shiv and Karanvir that they will not leave Dipika alone, but at the same won’t let her make a decision or become a captain. Dipika talks to Sree and asks him why he is behaving so coldly. Dipika says he thinks only from his point of view, and not from her. She tells him that people who used to fight with him earlier after his eviction became so emotional.

She asks him if their bond is true and they are indeed like brother-sister, then she doesn’t need others’ interference. Sree asks Dipika why she targeted Srishty and sided with KV and Sourabh and tells her that he was going to ignore her for a week but has changed his mind. He says that somewhere she is wrong and Dipika accepts it and breaks down. Sree says he’s not saying anything to make her cry and he was literally like her kid here. Dipika with tears in her eyes says that she’s being portrayed incorrectly.

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