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Big Breaking: Twitter exploded with PM Modi’s niece purse and documents snatched in Delhi

The heart of India and politics i.e. Delhi which is supposed to be one of the safest places for women’s in India has now come up with a mind shaking incidence. Today while travelling in an auto PM Modi’s niece Damyanti Ben Modi’s purse and documents snatched and carried away in Delhi’s Civil Lines porch area.

In a country of 1.3 billion people if the most powerful and influential family is not safe then one can easily derive the conclusion about others. Delhi police have denied the happening of incidence but TOI reporter Raj Shekhar Jha has tweeted about this incidence and mentioned that Delhi police is trying to play safe and covering the whole matter rather than providing justice to the accused.

“Have been highlighting the total breakdown of law and order in Delhi but Delhi Police brass has been getting away by claiming to be victims of media trial. Hope at least this is a wake-up call” Raj Shekhar tweeted.

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