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Band Baaja Baarat at Railway Platforms, yes now it possible!

Ever wanted to dance like ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire on railway platforms or dreamed about having your wedding receptions on the platforms as well? Certainly not, but if you are one with these type of unconventional thoughts, your thoughts will soon become reality as Railways are planning to lend out platforms for wedding receptions.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Railways, in a bid to earn revenue from unconventional sources, will allow the public to hold wedding receptions on its platforms. The Western Railway (WR) is likely to implement the plan on a railway platform at the Surat station, and a proposal will be sent to the rail ministry this week.
Surat station’s fourth platform has been picked by WR apart from others, like Navapur, one-half of which falls in Maharashtra and the other in Gujarat.

The railways hope to benefits from the wedding season as Surat station is massive and people would be thrilled to have their wedding receptions or parties at the platforms.
WR divisional railway manager Mukul Jain said, “We are waiting for a policy that will help outline how we are to go about it.”

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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