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Bahubali Director, SS Rajamaouli, Opens Up About Prabhas And His Sacrifices For The Movie

The storm created by SS Rajamouli Bahubali 2: The Conclusion had taken the box office to its root. The movie has broken all the records that were created till the release of the movie. The duo, Prabhas and Rajamouli, had created the magic on-screen with their supreme talent and unparallel imagination. If ‘Baahubali’ is the vision of Rajamouli, then, Prabhas is its architect.

Prabhas’ dedication for Bahubali can’t be matched with anything. The actor shifted all of his focus on the making of Bahubali and didn’t sign any film for five long years so that he can prove his mettle in the film.


Rajamouli, in an interview with NTV Telugu, spoke about Prabhas’s commitment for the movie,

“Prabhas had three consecutive hits and producers kept running after him with money but he only focused on Baahubali. He instructed his manager not to demand anything from producers and take anything they give.”

Though there are articles that say that Prabhas was paid large chunks of money for ‘Baahubali’ franchise but in reality, the actor was in financial crisis while he was shooting for the film. Rajamouli recalled the time when Prabhas was struggling to earn money,

“There was a time when he was stressed for money. Producers flooded his house with offers, cash and cheques and sometimes even without asking anything in return. He got scared, called me up and asked what should he do. I told him to get an affidavit done with a statement that this money does not have to do anything with your work. But he denied saying how will he give back this large amount of money if the people ever come back.”


Moreover, Prabhas declined Ad offers, too, Rajamouli continued,

“He had the offer to do an advertisement worth Rs 10 crore. But he refused that too. Prabhas does not know how to lie but he would not even hurt your sentiments for no reason. He does not like to see people hurt.”

Unarguably, Prabhas, you are a gem of a person, and no one could have played the role of Baahubali but you.

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