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No Fear No Favour

If you avoid doing these things today, you will be blessed by Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi

As per Dharam Shastras, for a peaceful and happy life, it is important to worship Lord Vishnu. Worshipping Lord Vishnu also fulfils people’s desire of health and wealth.
The ruler of Ekadashi is believed to be Lord Vishnu. Therefore, worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day particularly brings in good luck and fulfils all wishes. However, there are certain rituals that need to be followed before worshipping the God. If people don’t follow these rituals while worshipping Lord Vishnu, they can face bad luck for a long period of time.
A few important rules to be followed on Ekadasi are as follows:

Avoid the consumption of grains, pulses, peas and beans.

It is best to fast completely or take only water. However, as the tiring schedules do not permit everyone following the regulations to a T, one can have fruits, milk, nuts, roots and other non-grain food stuff.
Tulasi leaves should not be picked on Ekadasi and Dwadasi (the day following Ekadasi.)
The primary goal of Ekadasi is to minimize the bodily demands and spend more time in the sravanam (listening), kirtanam (chanting) and smaranam (reciting) of Lord Vishnu.
It is advisable to start one’s day by performing a simple worship to the picture or deity form of Lord Vishnu at home.
Offer a lamp, incense, Tulasi leaves (picked the day before), fruits and flowers and pray to Lord Vishnu for His mercy.
If possible, visit a nearby temple of Lord Vishnu and seek His blessings or else you can record your wish and will play it in a temple.
Recite Sri Vishnu Sahasranama
Please note that intake of non-veg (meat, fish, eggs), mushrooms, liquor, intoxicants (cigarettes, tobacco) and other tamasic food is strictly prohibited on Ekadasi. If possible, avoid the intake of coffee, tea and other cola and energy drinks on Ekadasi.
• Take a bath next day (Dwadasi) in the morning, worship Lord Vishnu and break your fast during the parana time, which is different for every Dwadasi.

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