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Armpit tattoo; A Latest Beauty Trend Which Took Over The Instagram. Have You Got One?

Armpit Tattoos – yes, you heard us right – the armpit tattoo trend is the hottest thing on Instagram right now. Most of us might check our armpits while having a shower or during a waxing session, but that hasn’t stopped the artsy ones for using it is as a canvas for beautiful body art. In a broader sense, it’s not exactly a new concept as people with ink sleeves usually opt for tattoos up to their underarms, but to use it as the focus is entirely new.
The first thing that comes to our mind is the pain one would have to endure to get a tattoo done there as it one of the most sensitive parts of the body but the hashtag ‘#armpit tattoo’ on Instagram got us more than 7,000 results, so there are definitely takers for it. The most popular ones are the intricate floral designs but anything else inspired by nature is good. There are spider webs, birds, dogs, and even sharks

Armpit flower round two! Thanks @faymakestattoos hope you enjoy having the prettiest pits in the land

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Done yesterday by @gorgeousgeorge #johnstreettattoo #guestspot #armpittattoo

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