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Anyone Else Going For Bare Faced Makeup For Their Wedding?

Is it really important to put on makeup just to get a picture perfect on your wedding? We all believe that a bride should look like herself on her wedding day, as it never comes back. So why to hide your natural glow with makeup?

Sometimes, it’s because a bride requests a ‘makeover’. She wanted to look the best and the most beautiful on her day. Bride chooses the best makeup artist because it bothers her over beauty and insists that heavy bridal makeup looks amazing in pictures.

But that glow is not natural, I mean it’s not the real you, you hide in the makeup covering your face with lots of foundation, primer, eyeliner mascaras and your lips with lipstick.

We don’t require it if we take care of skin before your wedding. I understand every bride wants to be natural and look beautiful but just to look charming they go for heavy makeup to hide their pimples, spot.

But it’s not impossible to get the glow on your wedding day without makeup! Of course, you can be a natural bride without experimenting those tubes and bottles of heavy foundations. It’s better to be bare faced. It’s a challenge, well, to be prepared with barely faced glow but actually, you need to work on your skin.

3months, some skin products, 270 litres of water and 720 hours of sleep can help you out in the best way. You need to work on the routine without any excuses. Take care of your skin moisturise it daily and use the best skin care products and see wait until you get your naturally glowing skin back!

By: Rinki Chauhan

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