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Another ‘Nirbhaya’ Averted. Leading University’s Professor Faced Molestation In An App Based Bus Service.

The dreadful incident of 16th December 2012 night still shrill us to the spine. The night which had raised the questions on the women security, and the lapse of law and order of the country’s capital, is something that would never go off the record. Not only that night raised the questions on the women security, but also to the serious security lapse, that too in the country’s capital. Four-and-the-half year to the incident and the security concerns remains the same.

In a Facebook post shared by Riya (Name changed), states the horrible incident that she had faced during her journey from Lucknow to Delhi in the bus. Translating the incident as the replica of ‘Nirbhaya’ of 2012, Riya says “I just escaped a ‘Nirhbhaya’ replica incidence, the difference was that a renowned app bus like Redbus was involved, a bus full of passengers where no one dared to trash the conductor and the culprit other than me.”

Calling the girls to have a fight back spirit, she writes, “Girls out there, make yourself strong enough as when I will happen to you the so called society will not back you as you are the one who has to fight it all alone”

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