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#AnimalCruelty: The video of a Stray Dog being beaten up by Man is going viral on the Internet.

A stray dog was brutally beaten up by bamboo sticks in one of the housing complexes, as per the reports of The Times of India.

According to the CCTV footage installed in the building, a few men armed with bamboo sticks barged into the Jawahar Nagar residential complex. They pounded the dog ruthlessly with the sticks until the poor animal cried plaintively and died eventually.

The CCTV footage led to the arrest of the accused. The Goregaon police arrested Kishan R Bagwat who was the prime accused and booked him under the IPC section 429 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The disconcerted animal activists shared the CCTV footage widely so that people realize the violence meted out to the poor animals.

A Goregaon-based animal activist, Bhavin Gathani exclaimed:

“There were several spectators who were silently witnessing the crime taking place. I want to urge all citizens to at least call the police emergency number ‘100’ any time they witness any crime in public. This can act as a deterrent against those who feel they can get away with murder.” The incident triggered rage amongst the animal activists and animal lovers and they pleaded the people to not hurt the animals, even if they bite people.

The activists told that the municipal authorities should be informed if such an incident takes place so that sterilization drive can be arranged. The authorities have opined that they wouldn’t treat this case casually and the accused will be punished. Only if people know the repercussions, they’d not hurt animals.

Watch the video here:

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