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Amole Gupte Unveils The Dark Side Of Kid Reality Shows, Demands Law Against Long Working Hours

The ongoing debate about the ban on children reality shows in India has managed to gather attention on issues that definitely need to be worked on. The industry is always divided into two when it comes to reality shows; some think that it gives a good platform and exposure to children, which also helps in boosting their confidence which is

While all of that is accepted, do we know about the gruelling work hours that the kids go through? Are there any proper rights in place to stop them from working for long exhausting hours?

To pull everyone towards these all these issues, director Amole Gupte chose to make some important and truthful points. A DNA report has quoted the director making some legit points on the same. Talking about the long hours that are involved, Amole said,

“I’ve been crying myself hoarse on the issue of children being forced to participate in reality shows for years. But to simply blame parents’ ambitions for this cruel and inhuman practice is absurd. Parents, who pressurise their children to excel on reality shows, are as many victims of a system that fosters and encourages unrealistic ambitions, as the other perpetrators of this criminal treatment of children.”

“The kids shoot when they want to. There is no pressure on them. I’ve seen what happens to these children during long hours of shooting. Once a two-year-old child was shooting a Maggi noodles ad which I was directing. It was late in the night and the shooting was halted because the child was asleep. I saw the mother hissing and prodding the child to wake up. I went up to the mother and told her to please stop, that we will hold the shooting until the child is ready, even cancel it.”

By: Drishti Gupta

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