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Amidst crackdown on criminals in U.P; Alleged case of corruption surface on IG level ranked officer

It’s only a few days back when Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath, announced the crackdown on the criminals through encounters and thumped his chest. Giving jolts to the hard work of CM, a major incident of alleged corruption in the police department had opened the floodgates of questions on the claim made by the Uttar Pradesh’s CM.

In the shocking incident developing in Uttar Pradesh, an alleged case of corruption has surfaced from the IG level in the police department. A CD was sent to the U.P’s Home Secretary, Arvind Kumar, and DGP, Sulkhan Singh, by the IB and Punjab Police on the alleged misuse of power, and being involved in the corruption case of Rs 1 Crore by Uttar Pradesh’s IG officer Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath had ordered the investigation in the case which will be headed by the ADG ranked officer.

The report by the Punjab Police and the IB had named the alleged involvement of the IG ranked officer from Uttar Pradesh in the Nabha Jailbreak the case and helping the Gopi Ghanshyampura to break the prison. However, no police personnel is ready to talk on the matter.

It is also being reported that Gangster, Balvinder Singh Doghi, is a right hand to Gopi Ghanshampura. It is this that Balvinder Singh Doghi handed over the case to the liquor baron Randeep Singh Rimpal to free Gopi from Amritsar Jail.

According to the sources, Randeep Singh Rimpal hired members from Rudrapur and Pilibheet named Amandeep and Harjinder Singh to break free Gopi Ghanshyampura from the jail. The meeting was taken to Sultanpur and was arranged between them and Pintu Tiwari. It is said that Pintu Tiwari is a Congress leader. The deal was finalised on 1 crore.

Meanwhile, investigating the case, IB traced the call between Amandeep and Rimpal. During the conversation on the phone, an officer ranked at the IG level in Uttar Pradesh allegedly asked for Rs 1 crore as a price to break free the criminal. The conversation also revealed that about Rs 45 lakh had already been given to the officer.

Soon after getting the information, IB alerted the Punjab Police and passed the information. Punjab Police soon began a crackdown and arrested Rimpal, Gurpreet, Pintu and Amandeep.

Soon after arresting the masterminds, the IB and the Punjab Police handed over the related information to Home Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Arvind Kumar.

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