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America takes down Kabul blast mastermind via drone attack: Know More

The US has launched a drone strike on the bases of the ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) group in Afghanistan. This attack has been carried out in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, which is adjacent to the Pakistani border and is considered a stronghold of ISIS. The mastermind of the Kabul blasts has been killed in the US attack here. US Defense Department spokesman Captain Bill Urban gave this information.

According to the news agency Reuters, a US drone took off from an undisclosed location in the Middle East and targeted an ISIS-K terrorist when he was in a car with his other ally, both of whom have been killed in the US attack.

At the same time, America has asked its citizens to withdraw from Kabul airport immediately, because there is a risk of ISIS attack again. In the alert issued by the US Embassy, ​​the Abbe Gate, East Gate and North Gate of Kabul Airport have been specifically mentioned.

Let us tell you that after the suicide attack on Kabul airport on Thursday, the US had warned that it would be avenged and the terrorists would be found and killed. ISIS’s Khorasan group claimed responsibility for the attack on Kabul airport. After this, US President Joe Biden said that Kabul knows about the attackers on the airport and they will be given a befitting reply at the right time and right place. Within 36 hours of this, the US conducted a drone strike on the bases of the ISIS-Khorasan group last night.

Next few days of mission Kabul will be more hectic:

US President Joe Biden’s national security team has warned that terrorists may launch a terrorist attack before US troops leave Kabul. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that all possible security arrangements are being made at Kabul Airport. Amidst all the dangers, our soldiers are engaged in a mission to evacuate people, but the next few days of this mission will be the most dangerous.

According to a US official, suicide bombers usually carry two to four and a half kilos of explosives, but the fidayeen who attacked the Kabul airport arrived with about 11.5 kg of explosives to target as many people as possible. The attacker covered a large area near the gate of Kabul airport, where a large crowd of Afghans had gathered to leave the country.

The people of Afghanistan fear the Taliban more than the fidayeen attacks. After the bomb blasts on Thursday evening, bodies were lying in the drain adjoining Kabul airport. The injured were suffering in the drain for treatment, but on Friday the picture of the same drain was different. People gathered here again. People are so afraid of Taliban that they want to leave the country at any cost.

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