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All you need to know about Armenia-Azerbaijan’s ongoing war.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have accused each other of breaking a ceasefire in the disputed region Nagorno Karabakh. Both sides agreed to implement the ceasefire from 12 o’clock on Saturday night. But now an Armenian Defense Ministry spokeswoman has said that Azerbaijan fired cannon shells and rockets only four minutes after the ceasefire was implemented. At the same time, in a later statement, on behalf of Azerbaijan, it has been said that Armenia started firing only after two minutes.

Both the countries had also signed a ceasefire after Russia’s mediation last Saturday. However, the fight continued even after that agreement. Last month, a fight has started between the two countries over the disputed territory which the international world considers part of Azerbaijan but which is controlled by the Armenians.

Till now hundreds of people have lost their lives in this fight. A six-year-long war between the two countries over the region ended in 1994 with the agreement. This is the most violent conflict since then.

What is the current agreement:

Both countries have ratified the humanitarian agreement but not much information has been shared about it. The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan says that this decision is based on the statement issued by the Presidents of America, France, and Russia. In 1992, the OSCE Minsk Group was established to settle the Nagorno Karabakh dispute, of which these three countries are members.

Armenia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ana Nagdalayan issued a similar statement saying that they welcome the ceasefire efforts in the conflict zone. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrop has discussed with the foreign ministers of both countries on Saturday and said that they will have to follow the agreement strictly. The agreement was reached last Saturday in the presence of Sergey Lavrop.

What is the current situation:

Armenian Defense Ministry spokesperson Shushan Stephanian said on Twitter, “The enemies fired from cannons in the northern direction from 00.04 am to 02.45 pm and rockets in the southern direction from 02.20 to 02.45”.
He later said that the southern areas of Nagorno Karabakh were attacked on Sunday morning from Azerbaijan. Speaking to the BBC, Armenia’s Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanian has said that his country is not responsible for the ceasefire violation.

He has also accused Azerbaijan of not taking interest in reducing tension. He said, “This is the policy of Azerbaijan, accuse the other and continue the attack.” At the same time, the head of foreign affairs of the President of Azerbaijan, Hikmat Hajeyef, says that Armenia is responsible for the latest fight. He told the BBC, ‘Armenia is taking advantage of the current ceasefire to strengthen its position and occupy new areas of Azerbaijan.’

He said, ‘Yesterday he ambushed Azerbaijan’s army and tried to kill them. These are questions that Armenia should answer.

Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of carrying out a missile attack. At least 13 people have been killed and 45 injured in this attack on Saturday. This attack has taken place in Ganja city, which is quite far from the war zone.

In another statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, Armenia has been accused of indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas.
Armenia dismissed these allegations and accused Azerbaijan of attacking civilian areas.
Stepanayan released a video on Facebook showing the devastation in the Nagorno Karabakh region and accusing Azerbaijani military forces of carrying out missile strikes on civilian areas.

Involvement of Pakistani Special Forces in the war of Azerbaijan and Armenia

Pakistan has rejected the allegation made by Armenia that the Pakistani Special Forces are taking part in the fight against Armenia in collaboration with the Azerbaijan army.
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has given an explanation in this matter. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement describing the remarks of Armenia Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan as ‘baseless and inappropriate’.

On 15 October, Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan said in an interview with Russian news agency Rosia Segodnya that Pakistan’s Special Forces, together with the Turkish army, are involved in the ongoing fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh against Armenia.
They were asked if they had any proof that the Azerbaijan army was also getting support from foreign forces.

Denial of Pakistan:

Pakistan has denied the statement that Armenia is trying to hide its illegal action against Azerbaijan through such an irresponsible propaganda, it should be stopped immediately.

Pakistan said in its statement, “Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev clearly stated on the issue that his country’s army is sufficiently strong to protect his motherland and does not need any external forces.”

However, Pakistan has clearly stated in its statement that it will continue to provide diplomatic and political support to Azerbaijan.
Earlier, Pakistan and Turkey had said to give moral support to Azerbaijan. At the same time, Russia is engaged in efforts to establish peace by mediating between the two countries.

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