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Alia Bhatt changes her DP after pregnancy announcement, reason will leave you in surprise

Picture Credit: Internet

June 29, 2022 (New Delhi): Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are going to be parents to their first child very soon. Yesterday i.e. on Monday, Alia Bhatt shared a picture on her Instagram and informed that she is pregnant and going to become a mother very soon. Hours after sharing the news of becoming a mother with her fans, Alia Bhatt changed her profile picture on Instagram. Alia Bhatt has shared that picture with Ranbir Kapoor on Instagram, which is very special for her and the actor. Let us tell you why this picture is special for both.

Picture Credit: Instagram

However, before sharing why this picture is special for Alia, let us tell you that this is such a picture of Alia and Ranbir, which has become public for the first time. This picture was first shared by Neetu Kapoor on her Instagram, when she got the news that she is going to be a grandmother. Sharing this picture of Ranbir and Alia on her Instagram, Neetu Kapoor wrote in the caption – ‘God bless you…’

Picture Credit: Internet

Shortly after Neetu Kapoor shared this photo, Alia Bhatt made this picture her Instagram profile photo. As soon as Alia shared this photo, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the romantic chemistry of both. Seeing the way Ranbir and Alia were lovingly clutched in their arms, everyone is going crazy about their love.

Now let us tell you why this picture is very special for Ranbir and Alia. In this picture, you can see a ring box in Ranbir’s hands, which shows that this picture is probably from the same time when Ranbir proposed to Alia. When Neetu shared this picture on her Instagram, Alia commented on it and also said that it is her favorite picture. Only after that Alia made it her profile photo.

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