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No Fear No Favour

Akshay Kumar shares his own failure story to boost the confidence of youth

Akshay Kumar is probably the happiest actor of Bollywood at the present time after winning National Film Award for the first ever time for “Rustom”. Just to inform, he completed silver jubilee in Bollywood but still didn’t bag any award. And today is perhaps the most special day of his life, as he will receive the award from none other than the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

Khiladi Kumar recently wrote on Facebook to express his feelings over the achievement. On one hand where he’s quite pleased about the award, he conveyed his sense of utter shock and disappointment over the extreme step of suicide taken by youngsters on the other. This naturally disturbed and hurt him to the core and to make youth as well as parents understand the importance of life, he narrated a heart-felt incident from his childhood. Once he failed in a class but surprisingly, instead of getting angry, his father brought him to the right path by making him realize his strength!

Here’s what the actor said,

“I remember the day when my result was announced and I hadn’t score too well. I won’t lie – I actually failed in that class. On my way back home, I kept thinking that I’d be thrashed. That day, my father asked me what I wanted to pursue in my life. I said mai khel kood karna chaahta hoon, khiladi ban na chaahta hoon. And he said fine, concentrate on that. We’ll support you.”

He further stated that it was because of that motivation and support that he started playing, learned martial arts, entered modelling and eventually paved his way as an actor.

“Had he not explained and asked me to identify my strengths, I couldn’t have ever imagined winning this National Award,” he said.

“Tumhari jaan ek exam ki marksheet se sasti ho gayi hai? asks Akshay stating the worldwide statistics of suicide cases. He further said that it’s better to serve the nation and join Indian Army rather than giving up one’s life.

He impelled youngsters to think about their parents – before taking such a drastic measure. “No matter what stress you have in life, just imagine the condition of your parents when they’ll find out about your suicide. Shayad aap soch bhi nahi sakte unhe kaise feel hoga.”

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