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After The UK Terror Attack, PM Modi Tweets, ‘India Stands With The UK In The Fight Against Terrorism’

A major emergency operation is ongoing around the UK Parliament in London after pedestrians were mowed down by a car nearby, and a stabbing inside the premises. One woman has died and others have catastrophic injuries. At least 10 people had lost their life, after being struck by a vehicle which mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge.

Inside parliament’s grounds, a policeman was stabbed before being shot by armed officers. Police have called it a terrorist attack. Prime Minister Theresa May was declared safe and is due to chair a meeting of the government’s emergency committee



What we know so far:


  • The incident happened at around 2.30pm GMT.


  • A woman was killed, after a terrorist attack on Parliament in Westminster, London, others with catastrophic injuries.


  • Three French school students are reportedly among the injured, though the extent of their injuries is unknown. 


  • The attack involved a car which witnesses say hit pedestrians onWestminister bridge, before crashing near parliament
  • A policeman was stabbed inside the grounds of parliament. Others are said to be heavily wounded. 


  • The police then shot at least one assailant, though their condition is currently unknown. 


MPs and government staff have been locked inside parliament at Westminster, though we are seeing pictures of people being let out of the Palace of Westminster.


  • Tourists are trapped on the London Eye, which as now stopped with tourists on board. 



There are a number of casualties including police officers; they cannot confirm numbers or the nature of the injuries. The police said they received several different reports today including a person in the River Thames, a car involved in a collision with pedestrians and a man armed with a knife. Paramedics were seen on Westminster Bridge Road treating people lying on the ground.


UK has declared a major incident and the priority is to assess patients and ensure that they are treated and taken to hospital as soon as possible, additional officers are being deployed across London today and the public is asked to remain vigilant. Anyone with images or videos is asked to turn them over to police.


The incident might have taken place due to the reverse action to the UK’s decision over ban on the Muslim countries airport flights travelling over and across the country, no flights can cross over the state whereas no electronic devices ( which are limited now)  can be taken in the flights. The United States and The United Kingdom on Tuesday imposed restrictions on carrying on electronic devices on planes coming from the airports of Muslim majority countries in west Asia and North Africa in response to unspecified security threats. The move was initiated on the context of smuggling of explosives devices inside electronic gadgets.

The French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has confirmed that a number of French students were among casualties on Westminster Bridge.

Following the terror attack in the UK, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, too, showed the sympathy with the deceased. In his tweet, he says that thoughts are with the families of the killed and the wounded.



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