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After Salman, Love-birds are Swami Om’s new target; threatens to repeat the JawahraBagh Incident

The self-proclaim messenger of god, Swami Om Ji Maharaj, goes live with News Leak Centre (NLC). With the conversation with NLC, Swami Om Ji does what he is best in, spreading lies, making derogatory remarks on women and targeting religious sentiments. Om Ji Maharaj went up ahead further by saying that he is training his men that will roam in the park on February 14.

Swami Om Ji Maharaj, in the live session of Facebook, step-up attack against Salman Khan and alleged that Bigg Boss program is scripted and he was the puppet to the Bigg Boss show and Endemol Channel. Replying to the question asked whether he had beaten Salman Khan or not, Swami Om Ji Maharaj said “It is all over media. All the media channel are running these stories.”

Escalating his attack on the actor further, Swam Om Ji said “He (Salaman Khan) is a terrorist; he should be thrown out of this country. I am building an army, training my own people that will keep a check on these terrorist.” He further said, “His army people will roam in the park on 14th of February, and will arrange a marriage for the couples seen on the site.”

On a counter question that he (Swami Om Ji) would easily get arrest by the police if government seriously take an action him, to this Swami Om Ji replied “There will be a river of blood flowing if the police even tried to touch him. His supporter will burn down the city if anything happens to him”

Om Ji Maharaj is following the footsteps as Ram Vriksh Yadav of Mathura, where last year hundreds of people were killed in clashes. For who don’t know, On 2 June 2016, his (Ram Vriksh Yadav) followers, who call themselves the Swadheen Bharat Subhash Sena (SBSS), killed two policemen as the Uttar Pradesh police launched a drive to evict them from a piece of land in Mathura they have been squatting on for years. While station house officer Santosh Yadav was shot in the head, Superintendent Mukul Dwivedi was clobbered to death even as almost 300 cops stood witness. In the clashes that ensued, around 29 people, including Yadav, have died.

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