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After Rashmika, Kajol’s deepfake video goes viral

Every day someone’s deepfake video goes viral on social media. Recently, a deep fake video was made by tampering with the pictures of Rashmika Mandanna and Katrina Kaif, which was strongly condemned by fans and popular stars like Amitabh Bachchan. Now Kajol’s name has also been included in this list. Deep fake videos of the actress are rapidly going viral on social media.

Recently, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, a woman is seen changing clothes in front of the camera. It has been claimed in the video that the woman changing clothes in front of the camera is none other than Kajol. However, it is clearly visible in the video that Kajol’s face has been misused in this video. Kajol’s face has been morphed and used in this.

Let us tell you that website Boom has found out the real truth behind this video and has also fact checked it. This video is of a social media influencer and Kajol’s face has been morphed and used in this deepfake video. As soon as this video went viral on social media, Kajol’s fans were very disappointed and many people are also demanding appropriate action against this video.

It is noteworthy that both the girl and the fake face seen in the video have been kept secret and it has been told that this original video is present on Tik Tok. It is clear that the woman seen in the video is not Kajol. The original video was uploaded on 5 June 2023. Now it remains to be seen how the actress reacts to this.

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