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After eliminating Hamas, Israel might establish new administration system in Gaza strip

Israel’s diplomat at the United Nations has said that after the elimination of Hamas and completion of the operation in the Gaza Strip, Israel will discuss the future of Gaza with Arab countries. Speaking to the media, Israeli diplomat Gilad Erdan said, ‘We are getting our hands dirty for many Arab countries.’ Gilad made it clear that Israel has not yet started talks with Arab countries for joint administration of Gaza but it may start soon.

Gilad said, I believe that many Arab countries know that Hamas is their enemy too. As much as he is our enemy, he is also the enemy of many moderate Muslim countries. Gilad also said that Israel would not accept the deployment of UN-led international forces in Gaza. Gilad also sharply criticized the UN’s stand on the Israel-Hamas war and blamed the current crisis in Gaza on the UN. Gilad said the United Nations also has a big role in turning the Gaza Strip into a war machine by Hamas.

Gilad said a big thing while talking to the media. He said that after winning the current war, Israel will seriously consider its relations with the United Nations. Gilad alleged that some UN officials abused their positions and spread false propaganda. Hamas continued to carry out its activities for 16 years under the nose of UN officials.
Regarding international pressure, Gilad made it clear that Israel will not stop until it eliminates Hamas. Gilad also thanked the US President for his support in the fight against Hamas.

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