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After Blue Whale Game, Dare-and-brave game is under scanner

Mumbai police are investigating a social networking site game called Dare and Brave, where two parties dare each other to perform an activity, and the loser has to send obscene pictures as a penalty. The game came under the scanner recently when a 23-year-old was arrested from Gujarat for demanding obscene pictures from a minor girl. The game is believed to have begun in the USA and has been in existence since early this year. It was trending in August, but the buzz surrounding it died after the Blue Whale challenge picked up the pace. Dare and Brave, which is played between a close-knit group of youngsters by invitation only, has recently hit the Indian shores.

It adds a devious new twist to the much popular old game of Truth and Dare. This newer version only includes the dare part of the original. Two players challenge each other to a ‘Dare,’ with the loser having to do whatever the winner demands. The demand most often includes the exchange of pornographic pictures and/or videos. Recently, a 23-year-old student was arrested for exchanging pornographic pictures and videos with a minor girl. He was booked under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act and IT Act.

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