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Adnan Sami’s stunning transformation left the fans in surprise as he looks unrecognizable in pics from Maldives

Picture Credit: Internet

June 25, 2022 (New Delhi): Bollywood singer Adnan Sami was once in a lot of discussion due to his weight. When Adnan Sami started his career, at that time his weight was more than 100 kg. Now some photos of Adnan Sami are going viral on social media. Everyone including his fans are surprised to see the transformation of Adnan Sami in the photo.

Picture Credit: Internet

Adnan Sami is spending his holidays in Maldives these days. In this, he is seen in a black T-shirt, trimmed look. Adnan Sami is wearing sunglasses. During this, his jaw line is clearly visible. Fans are commenting fiercely on seeing the photo of Adnan Sami. One user commented and wrote, ‘I can’t believe my eyes at all.’ At the same time, another user wrote on social media, ‘Great jaw line, amazing weight loss.’ Apart from this, a user wrote on social media, ‘Adnan Sami is getting younger every passing day.’

Adnan Sami has also shared his family photo. In the photo, he is seen with his wife and daughter. Apart from this, in a photo, Adnan Sami is seen chilling in the pool with his daughter. Adnan Sami’s weight used to be 230 kg. Not only this, the effect of increasing weight started falling on Singer’s knees. In such a situation, the doctor told him to lose weight. The doctor had warned him that he would not survive for more than six months if he did not lose weight.

Picture Credit: Internet

Adnan Sami had earlier weighed 165 kg in 11 months. He had reduced his weight through cardio and diet control. He had completely abstained from eating sweet and fried foods. Let us tell you that Adnan Sami took Indian citizenship in the year 2016. He was awarded the Padma Shri award.

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