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A Hindu Organization warned schools against celebrating Christmas.

A right-wing hindu organization named Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM) has warned Christian schools in Aligarh (U.P) against celebrating Christmas in their schools. The reason being such activities would lead the innocent hindu kids to covert into Christian. Students were asked to bring small gifts for their friends but HJM have warned the Hindus not to follow schools instructions.

This is not the first instance when the right-wing groups have imposed their hindu-biased ideology to the extent of dictatorship. It has not even been a week when carol singers were beaten up by a hindu group that too a stone throw from the police station away in Satna (M.P).

The communal goons doubtlessly could not do it without being backed and it’certain who is behind them. In 2014 current Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath warned the Christian to not to celebrate Christmas outside church, he said “If they can call our Ghar Wapasi programme wrong then holding such function by the Christian missionaries is also wrong. Many such ceremonies by them (Christian priests) have been reported and stopped by the administration and any further plans too.” He told the economic times.

Some organizations have been putting all their efforts to make India a Hindu Rashtra, but there always will people whose small secular acts will stand in front of such vague notion.

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