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A Gujarat businessman distributed sweets on his divorce

More often t, people struggle as they finalise their divorce, and it’s something that’s very private and still looked down upon as a failure. In fact, many prefer not talking about their divorce at all. But it seems times  are a changing. According to a Daily report, after getting a divorce, this man from Rajkot, Gujarat, decided to ‘celebrate’ by distributing sweets.

Rinkesh Rachchh knew better than wallowing in ‘divorce-induced sorrow’ and is now reportedly being congratulated by his friends, family members and even strangers after he celebrated divorce’s ‘sweet fruit’. Apparently a businessman of 26 years of age, Rachchh had ordered at least 50kg of kaju barfi in special boxes that had “Chutacheda Harakh Na” (to celebrate divorce) written on them, along with the names of his well-wishers — his parents, a younger brother and other family members.

“Divorce is nothing less than a sweet reward after torture of one year of married life and a legal struggle of two more years. It definitely calls for celebration,” Rachchh told English Daily as he decided to end his marriage after his ex wife demanded they live separately from his family. The boxes also have a note attached on them that claims the laws that protect women are often exploited. “It took me two years (to get divorce) as the settlement amount sought by her initially was beyond my means. Even the best lawyers were of no help,” he said.

But now that he has all that in the past, he has been receiving congratulatory messages ever since. Rachchh however decided against disclosing the name of his ex wife and has decided to move on to finding love again.

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