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A former CM had to struggle for several days to get a rented house

One month back, Harish Rawat who was ruling the Uttarakhand state and  living comfortably in 5000acre CM residence and was also the king of  whole Uttarakhand.But now after stepping down from CM throne, Rawat has been struggling to find a suitable accommodation on rent in Dehradun.

Harish Rawat who had contested from two seats — the only Congress candidate to do so — and lost both.The misfortune of Harish Rawat is not coming to an end, as now he had been grappling to find a new house on rent.

After the Supreme Court’s guideline ex Chief Minister will not get any government bungalow.Owing to this ex CM Harish Rawat has been agonized.

Currently Rawat is staying at the Bijapur guest house from where he used to function as the CM. He had approached the state estates department with a request to let him stay till he finds a new place.

Harish Rawat

Harish Rawat told News Leak Centre “From the past 15-20 days, he has been struggling a lot for the accommodation on rent, the image of politicians and police is not good in the eyes of the society, they feel once they take the accommodation they will not leave it and another reason given by landlords were neighbourhood has to face  problem because lots of people come to meet the politician and there is also fleet of cars, which cause in huge traffic”. He also added “Finally I have got a accommodation which is on Mussorie road”.

Though, Harish Rawat has got the accommodation after the huge buzz and that accommodation is on Mussorie Road, which is far away from Dehradun

Five time MP and ex CM of Uttarakhand will be moving to his new independent house very soon.

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