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A drunk driver snatches alcometer from police and ran away

Every drunk thug is a king until he confronts policemen. Last night at cannought place in Delhi a drunk man in a black swift was stopped by policemen. After stopping, police gave him alcometer and asked him breath in that. Which made him uncomfortable and he started to connive. During his conversation, the police officials get that he is drunk and they asked him to come out of the vehicle. Rather coming out what he did is really hilarious. He kept the alcometre on the side seat and ran away. This incident took place in CP around 11:40pm.


While the drunk man was escaping, policemen noted the last four digits of his car and informed the local police station about the incident. Soon after the Police configured the owner of the car and today in the morning they reached the car owner house to investigate the case. after reaching the Noida residence of the car owner they come to know that the car owner had been gone to London.


“The suspect has been identified as Rishi Dhingra, a private firm employee. we have seized the black swift car that he was driving at the scene of the crime. But he told us that he had thrown away the alcometer soon after he escaped from the scene of the crime,” said Madhur Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

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