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No Fear No Favour

9 Secrets elder Sisters Will Never Tell You, And 9 They Want You To Know.

Life is a journey, people walk in and out of our lives due to one reason or the other, but sisters are for life.

1.OK, first things first. You should know that some things are always ours just because we’re older than you. This includes the TV remote….

2. The front seat of the Car…

When my sister tried to make the front seat there was one mature response. My mom drove us back like this

3. And the right to shower first…

4.But if anyone else tells you-you can’t have something, we’ll defend your right to have it without a moment’s hesitation.

5.You should know how much we hated being dressed in the same clothes as you. And I’m sorry but it was worse for us because we’re older.

6. That said, those pictures are kinda cute to look back on now.

We’ll never admit it, but we might even make our own kids dress the same one day.

7.And, even though we won’t ever tell you, you were really adorable back then.

Looking back at old photos makes us realize how cute you were.

8.You should know that whenever you left the house, we went through all your personal belongings and read your diary.

9.But even though it sounds messed up, we only did it because we cared.

In our own weird way, we just wanted to make sure everything was OK with you.

10.And we were really mean to everyone you b**CHED about in your diary.

If you hated someone, we automatically hated them too.

11. You should know that we still borrow your stuff all the time.

Nine out of ten times, when you lose something it’s because we have it.

12. And even though we won’t say it out loud we’re happy to return the favour. You may borrow whatever you like.

AS Long as you actually return it.

13.We’ll never apologise for covering your apologies for covering your eyes during the rude of movies.





14. We know it spoils the film, but we only did it because we cared.

In a weird way, we felt responsible for you.

15. I guess it’s time to say sorry for all the times we pretended not to be related.

It must have hurt your feelings.

16.The main reason was that we hated our friends calling you “cute”, or worse “hot”

17.And it’s definitely time to say sorry for fighting you so often.

we were bigger than you, which meant we always won.

18. But most of all, we’ll never be able to express just how much we love you.

And how we’d do literally anything in the world for you.

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