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9 Lovely Situations every couple can relate


How about you meet someone who says, “Hey, I was on a date, and – wow – we had incredible chemistry.” In a nutshell, chemistry means feeling an intense attraction towards each other. You’d probably feel moments like your knees are trembling, heart in your mouth and butterflies in your bellies. And you’re just waiting for the right time to get so, like more private, right?

Here are some of the lovely situations you can relate from:

  1. In the middle of the bantering…

All of a sudden, in between of an absolute silence, the laughter trails off, there is something, your eyes are sparkling, and there is a cunning smile on your face.

2. Middle of hugging…

In the middle of hugging you take extra seconds to hold each other, you do not pull away from each other, feel the bones through clothes without moving.

3. When you’re simply talking

…and stand so close that you feel your bodies are magnetized.
You wouldn’t allow someone else to steal your space and just feel that touch on your body.

4. When the voice changes:

When your conversation adumbrates you that there is something sexual.
Your voice changes, and it becomes lighter, airier and authentic.

5. Stay longer at a Party or Home:

You give excuses to stay a little longer at their party or home. And of course, they have the same idea.


6. Spare moments for walking:

When you wink at each other, and it doesn’t look creepy or cheesy.


 7. When you’re looking into each other’s eyes


8. When you’re distracted by the beauty of the person and couldn’t remember what you were saying.


 9. When you touch each other unnecessarily.

If you can really realte this story with that of yours then do share your views on the same in the below comment section.

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