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80s fashion trends that might make a comeback in this spring season

History repeats itself, and the fashion industry is surely a proof. And as the fashion trends recycle themselves, the dashing 1980s remain unbroken with clothing and accessories inspiring that period graced nearly every runwayduring fashion week.

According to media reports, bright colours, light-wash jeans, fanny packs or pantsuits, it was all about reliving ’80s’ biggest and boldest styles this spring season.

PANTSUITS: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be credited to bring the pantsuits in fashion, who made it the biggest trend this spring.

Major brands like Gucci and Dior showcased matching trouser sets on the runway bringing the style back in fashion. Where on one hand the Gucci versions were bright and patterned, the Dior looks are more sophisticated.

PUFFY SHOULDERS: Neutral blouses with either huge shoulders or puffy sleeves were a common sight at the runway this time. Simple blouses with either huge shoulders or puffy sleeves were visible in the collection of Designers like Isabel Marant.

SNEAKERS: Chunky, platform sneakers paired with both skirts and ballgowns ruled the runway and were seen at the show of various designers including Louis Vuitton.

FANNY PACKS: Fanny Packs or ‘belt-bags’ which was much in fashion in 20’s also made a comeback, with designers like Balenciaga with their sleek, modern interpretations.

BELTS: Thick, chunky belts are back, which was replaced by a thin is back in trends. Donned over skirts, dresses, even puffer jackets, this trend is surely here to stay.

BRIGHT COLORS: Bright, bold spring colours were a common sight at the runway, especially with designer Versace. Neon hues, with block patterns, were also a very popular sight.

TUCKED-IN SHIRTS: The era of the tucked-in-shirt is back. Both men and women fashion shirts were tucked in this year show.

PURPLE: The bright, funky is trending again, this spring season.

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