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8 Common Herbs And Their Amazing Heath Benefits.

Herbs are tiny powerhouses of nutritional benefits.But it isn’t just exotic herbs with unpronounceable names that have an astonishing effect on your health. Here are eight common herbs and their wide range of health properties.


No Mexican or Indian dish is complete without a handful of cilantro tossed over it.While this herb is a cornerstone of many cuisines tossed over it.Pollution can cause many dangerous heavy metals to enter our body, where they can damage our health.eating cilantro helps remove these metals and detoxify our body.
Cilantro herb is native to the Mediterranean, and Asia Minor (Turkey) regions. It is a perennial herb but grown as annual. It requires well-draining, fertile soil supplemented with warm summer climates to flourish. The plant is allowed to reach only about 9 to 15 inches in height in order to gather only its leaves. If left to grow further, it may reach about 5-7 feet in height, bears tiny, white or light pink flowers umbels by midsummer, followed by a bounty of around to oval, aromatic coriander seeds.You can simply add cilantro as a garnish to whatever you’re cooking or get really creative and use it to make pesto.


A dash of oregano could be all you need to stay healthy and active. This herb contains volatile oils which can protect you from a slew of diseases. Oregano is particularity effective at protecting you from food-borne viruses, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about burying your food with oregano. Oregano can also protect you from the flu.


Rosemary does a lot more than just make your potatoes taste heavenly. The leaves of rosemary have been found to contain potent antioxidants that can actually prevent the formation of cancer cells. You can add a few sprigs of rosemary to your olive oil to infuse it with the flavour or simply add it to your meat and vegetable dishes. If you have an inflammatory disorder like arthritis, consuming rosemary leaves often can help reduce your symptoms.


If you’re feeling anxious and jittery, basil leaves can help calm you down.This herb has been found to have a calming effect on your nerves and help you reach a state of peacefulness again. Basil is an important medicinal plant in various traditional and folk systems of medicines, such as those in Southeast Asia and India. Holy basil is usually referred to as tulsi in India and is actually considered a sacred herb. It’s been used in over 300 different Ayurvedic herbal treatments for thousands of years, including tinctures, teas, ointments and tonics. Tulsi is also an important symbol in many other Hindu religious traditions and is linked to the goddess figure; in fact, tulsi in Sanskrit means “the incomparable one.”


Dill, scientifically known as Anethum graveolens, has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Both the seeds and the leaves can be used. Apart from giving a strong, tangy, appetizing flavour and taste, it has many medicinal properties, which mainly come from certain compounds called Monoterpenes, as well as flavonoids, minerals and certain amino acids. Dill contains beta-carotene which are a precursor help keep skin, eyes and immune system healthy.This is especially important for women who have reached menopause because of their b their bones start to become more brittle.


Parsley, known for its use as a garnish, has many nutrients that provide health benefits to people.Traditionally, parsley was used as a medicine for diabetes in Turkey. In order to scientifically validate this claim, research was conducted at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. The research showed evidence that diabetic rats that were given parsley actually showed a decrease in their blood sugar levels over a period of a month. The research indicates that it can be used for diabetic control. Parsley is a very versatile herb and can be used in everything from grilled meat to tomato sauce.

7. Mint

When discussing the world’s healthiest foods, fruits and vegetables are often highest on the list because of their high antioxidant capacity, the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they contain, and the myriad health benefits with which they are associated. Unfortunately, fresh herbs are often ignored when talking about what it takes to make up a healthy diet, but herbs also contain a wide variety of nutrients and offer a significant number of health benefits.Mint has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. Learning how to use fresh herbs and spices such as mint to add flavour when cooking can also help to cut down on sodium intake.


Sage leaf is a herbal plant which commonly use as medicine. It is a similar plant with rosemary. For many years, some research shows that there are many health benefits of sage leaves. It started from the traditional use for the treatment of snake bite. Continuous today that sage leaves are widely used in many kinds of way.Sage leaves originally are from Mediterranean region. Due to a high request for this leaves, many countries now cultivated this plant. It grows almost anywhere. But it grows better in a region which is rich in sunlight. That’s why it is more suit to cultivate this plant in the tropical country such as Asia. Planting a sage plant is also not difficult. It can be planted by seed, or by cutting. There are now many tutorials on how to cultivated sage at home. So that each person can extract the plant easily and get the health benefit from it.

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