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2021: The year that showed the world a mirror. Here are some lessons to remember.

Written by Shivangi Chawla

Finally, 2021 is coming to an end. Just one day is left for the beginning of the year 2022. So With welcoming the new year 2022 let’s take time and sit back to contemplate the major events, lessons regrets, and experiences of the past year. A common thread that connects our experiences at a personal, national, and global level is the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Although the world had already suffered the consequences of a novel coronavirus in late 2019 and 2020, the pandemic in 2021 was not at all a new surprise for us, as vaccines, lockdown, quarantine, sanitizer, masks, frontline workers were already a part of our life. However, the delta variant in India brought with it suffering, loss, and pain to an unaccountable level.

As of now, another variant of Omicron seems to be gaining buzz all over the world again.

In the past 2-3 years, there were hardly any families who were untouched by this ‘wave’. Television and newspapers constantly featured news of the rising number of deaths, shortage of oxygen, injection, or hospital beds.

These years gave us lessons that we will remember till our lifetime. So let’s have a closer at the lessons we learned from the previous years.

The pandemic not only changed our lives, but it may have changed us individually as well. Starting from realizing the importance of the health of self and loved ones, many can say that the world has changed forever. However, the pandemic showed us that the only thing that is guaranteed is change. Times change and therefore, we must never get too used to our situation and not take anyone or anything for granted!

Our lives are Unbelievably fragile. Again, not something we didn’t know or hear about. But the pandemic forced us to feel how thin the wall is between life and death; how life can end at any moment! What we can do is make the most of our time here, with our loved ones, let go of useless pursuits and mind-games and live our lives with complete authenticity.

The pandemic saw people helping one another get oxygen cylinders, medicines, or even arrange beds! It showed us how community spirit helps us get through tough times. Most people survived and lived through the pandemic owing to help from strangers.

Humanity’s memory is extremely short, and what is not ever-present fades quickly. The bubonic plague, the Spanish flu destroyed our planet, but once it was under control, people started to forget about it. Don’t let it be history. Always remember the lessons.

What I feel is that God is trying to make all of us understand the value of relations, life, health, money, and time. As many people came out to help the strangers in need. This is what God wants from all of us. Let’s forget about the grudges, fights, and ego. Spread love and be Kind. Enjoy your life in the present. Stop thinking about the past and plannings the future. Let’s stay in the moment. Don’t ever forget the lessons that life gave us in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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