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Naturists finally find a new abode; Paris gets its first nude restaurant

While France is casual about dress and to get naked or just go topless is a civilized affair. There are many spots where it is acceptable to go topless and France boasts beaches, campsites, and spa centres meant to be enjoyed in the nude.

The famously clothing-optional country is breaking new ground in naturism.

According to local newspaper Le Parisien, the first nude restaurant in Paris opened to the public on Friday—and local naturists are already big fans of the new spot.

The new eatery is named O’Naturel and is located in the City of Light’s largely residential 12th arrondissement, on Rue de Gravelle.

The view into the restaurant is blocked from the street and the neighbourhood’s residents.

Now Paris has opened its arms for its first-ever naked restaurant aptly named O’Naturel which allows diners to dig into their food while going completely naked. Once entered, diners are directed to a cloakroom where they can leave their clothes and head to their tables. Unlike Bunyadi, London’s first nude pop-up restaurant, tables aren’t curtained off for privacy. The layout is that of a normal restaurant.

The restaurant allows 40 guests at a time and offers standard French dining – steak, fish and more. There are options for vegan too. Not to forget the wide range of posh wine, in case you need the courage to strip off.

The restaurant doesn’t allow passers-by to catch a glimpse of the diners as the view is blocked off.

Though the concept of the new restaurant is new in France, it is obvious for the restaurant to have a positive response.

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