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Halloween ghosts swam city to rescue us

These Gurgaon kids have poured an altruistic touch to the Haloween celebration amidst the evolving pagan and Christian practices of Halloween.

Halloween is no more confined to all those themed face masks of Zombies or spider mask face paint; as this bunch of kids have equipped themselves with brooms and garbage bags.

As Halloween inches, some malevolent looking creatures assembled in Gurgaon’s Sector 31 market. There they go, all equipped with brooms and garbage sacks and a motive, magnanimous sweeping the streets one after another. This comes as a good Samaritan tale in Halloween despite the festival’s disputing origin and adaption in India.

The cleanliness drive, where every volunteer was embellished as per the Halloween theme-skeleton, ghost or a clown; everyone with a broom and a similar task attracted eyes balls in the streets.

To add hue to the cleanliness drive, the group came up with the unique idea of wearing Halloween costumes. They have been doing these cleanliness drives for about a year now.

The eerie apparel caught attention among shopkeepers and shopper alike. This comes as a least expected occurrence, as the street play is something common to come across on a day to day life in the capital city.

The festivity begins on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day and the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated in remembrance to the dead, including saints, hallows, martyrs, and all the faithful departed and it has been gaining much popularity in India among youngsters.

The merging of Halloween with their cleanliness drive had an interesting benefit to it attracting more attention to the work.

What serves the purpose of the drive is, when someone is dressed as death sweeping the streets, people would stop and notice. The volunteers also spoke to the local shopkeepers after the drive, encouraging them to keep wastebins outside their shops and focus on garbage management.

So next time if you see a death emerging next to you, don’t rush to the graveyard; as it must be our Gurgaon kids.

Being an inspiration, these Holloween kids have sculpted the meaning of it in the All Saints eve!

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