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No Fear No Favour

Real voyage of discovery

Martin Buber once said, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware,” and following this, Dhruv Dholakia inches his every journey.

This 34-year-old Bullet King has travelled all across the country covering 29 states within a duration of 16 months on a bullet. He says the voyage has redefined his life and has completed him as an individual.

This soul-searching gallivanting has got a reason and sprouted out of his ill-happenings in life.
Separation from a partner and losing of a job are few reasons to make us cry our heart out but this dude has found out a unique way to rejuvenate life.

He has gotten stuck into a monotonous life says Dhruv. The spinal cord injury and getting divorce was something rotting him from inside. Despite growing bank balance, he felt like shrinking as an individual and here he ended up with this idea of searching individuality.

Dhruv’s voyage has got public attention and media has been widely covering his inspiring story.

He has also got some rough experiences to share from a Bihar trip where he has faced some gangsters when his bullet stopped working.

Mountain, river, sky and grassland are few things in our bucket list which keeps on changing because of our robotic life style but he made all this experience happen in real.

Being a Mumbai guy, all through his life he was with the belief that monetary pleasure is the utmost but his trip to one of the northeastern states has made him believe the opposite. In Tripura, he was allowed to stay at a free cost providing meals and this offering has left him astonished. I got a different outlook of life says the 34 year.

Dhruv, of course is travelling not to escape life!

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