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Vidya Balan goes seductive for “Tumhari Sulu”

The seduction goddess, Vidya Balan, can spice up her amorous marital life with sensuous moves and her seductive voice can excite men and make them fall into fantasies. Her next character, Sulu, is a sari clad housewife who knows what she wants and yes she knows how to give wings to her grounded simple dreams. It is a treat to watch her on screen. Even in a promo, she breathes in so much of positive energy that you as a viewer can’t help but fall in love with her zest-for-life.

Writer Director Suresh Triveni’s “”Tumahri Sulu” looks like a gush of freshness. The promo of this Vidya Balan starrer is whacky. In fact the build up towards the free spiritedness of an extraordinary woman (who lives in ordinary circumstances) is quirky and entertaining. The banter between Vidya and Manav Kaul is a refreshingly realistic take on husband wife relationship. It is wonderful to see Manav in a prominent role like this for he’s superbly talented.

Producer Atul Kasbekar informed that apart from Suresh Triveni, talented actor Vijay Maurya (who’s also acting in the film) has also pitched in with writing. Suresh has a background of being an Ad filmmaker. He directed the famous Mauka Mauka Ads. This is his first film.

Apart from getting mesmerised by Vidya’s mammoth talent, also be prepared  to sway to the iconic ‘Hawa Hawai’ for it shall take your breath away. Enjoy!

Watch the trailer here-

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