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10 Signs you’re a Creative person.

You don’t need a stylish combover, nonprescription glasses, or staunch arrogance to consider yourself an artist, either. In fact, people who embody the characteristics previously listed are sometimes some of the most non-creative pretend creatives on the face of the earth.
The misconception that “creativity” is a term only deserving for those who can draw, write, or make music is more inaccurate than the “earth is flat” truthers of yesteryear.

Here’s why you’re more of a creative genius than you realize.

1- You observe everything.

2- You Love Coffee/Tea

3- You follow your passion.

4- You are a night owl

5-You hate crowd.You like to be alone.

6- You carry a notebook everywhere.

7- You have a great sense of humour.

8- You daydream a lot

9- You love travelling.

10- While everyone hates the rains, you love it.

You’re doing it.

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