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Zombies, Vampires, Elves Emojis Are In; Bye-Bye Human Shaped Emojis

The era of normal human shaped emoji is coming to an end, as a mystical new wave of creatures including mermaids, vampires, zombies and elves are hitting our phone keypads soon. These are just a part of the approximately 50 new emojis releasing this year because we weren’t already overwhelmed with the existing emojis on our phones.

Users can expect to see all sorts of mythical creatures including mermaids and mermen, zombies, fairies, a wizard and vampires (both male and female). Just when you thought that there was an emoji for every expression, a way to express yourself, even more, has been added. Of course, a lot of these emojis will be completely useless to most people.


With world Emoji day coming this weekend on the 17th of July, a lot of coding has been done to create these icons. The recent spate of emojis has been diverse, to include all skin tones, male and female and has tried to add a lot of professions. Some of these are used by users at some point, with over 90% of smartphone users utilising these emojis.

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