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Your Phone too needs a wipe at the bathroom, we are not joking!

“Your smartphone needs a wipe every once in a while in the bathroom.”

Well yes, it sure does when you’re in Japan. The Narita International Airport in Japan has set up 86 stalls throughout the arrival hall consisting of these innovative smartphone wipe dispensers next to the traditional Toilet Paper dispensers.

“Welcome to Japan” reads every wipe and it’s sole purpose is to disinfect your smartphone screen with a tinct of bacterial knowledge.

The initiative was put up by the telecom company called NTT Docomo who also happened to provide a video informing about the need to disinfect the smartphone screens.

The video stated that the smartphone screen carries 5 times the germs found on a toilet seat.
While the toilet seat can have upto 3 types of germs, the smartphone screens carry around 10-12 types including E.coli and fecal bacteria.

The initiative was put up early in December itself but the craze for the unusual way of impartation is still clenching. The initiative is supposed to be upheld till March 15, 2017.

Japan sure does know the trick to prick up eyebrows, Aye?

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