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Young techies broke Twitter with 35,000 characters tweet, leaves internet in tizzy

Just when micro-blogging website, Twitter, pushed the 145 character limit to 280, there are these techies who felt the need of little more. In their dire need to perfect their storytelling skills, they trick Twitter into letting them post 35,000 character tweets. Though Twitter has since deleted the post, all hail to Internet Archive, where you can still view that tweet here.

The tweet starts off with by saying (at least, according to Google translate) “People! @Timrasett and @HackneyYT can exceed the character limit! You do not believe us? Here’s about 35k characters proof.” Following that is an incomprehensible string of characters that goes on and on and on and on.

So, what’s the secret sauce? As pointed out by one Twitter user, the main body of the post is actually a URL (in case you’re curious, click the link above and CTRL-F for “.cc”).

Unfortunately, the fun didn’t last long. Twitter sat both Tim Rasett and HackneyYT on the naughty step, handing them both temporary bans. Fortunately, these have since lifted after they apologised for the same. And it seems like the duo aren’t stopping there, they plan to look for other exploits they can mess around on the platform

Twitter has since said the exploit has been fixed and asks users to refrain from messing with any possible vulnerabilities except as allowed by its Bug Bounty Program.

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