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You’ll be awestruck after knowing how Kartik Aaryan paid price for one Samosa

Actor Karthik Aryan is in the news these days about his upcoming film ‘Chandu Champion’. He is preparing vigorously for this film. The actor is dieting to get into the character. Recently, he himself revealed this through his social media post. Due to dieting, Karthik is even forgetting to remember things, hence he could not even wish Kabir Khan on his birthday on time.

‘Chandu Champion’ is being directed by Kabir Khan. Kabir Khan’s birthday was on 14th September. But, Karthik Aryan forgot to congratulate him. He has explained the reason for this through his recent social media post and has belatedly congratulated the director of his film. Karthik Aryan wrote, ‘Kabir sir, Chandu’s diet is going on so much that he is not conscious.

Kabir Khan also wrote a very interesting answer on this. He wrote, ‘Thank you very much Karthik for sharing such a beautiful post. On this matter of yours, you are allowed to eat one samosa today. Apart from Kabir Khan, Karthik’s fans are also giving interesting reactions on this. One user wrote, ‘This is Karthik’s old habit of wishing people when his birthday passes.’

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